Freebie Friday!

So I’ve decided to start Freebie Friday! Fridays are amazing already and what’s better than a free download! Note: This download will only be available for free the day it is posted! Check in every Friday for a new free download.

I have been busy this summer making new games for my kids. My guys love playing games and I have been so proud of how independent they are playing together. They love bingo games and memory. I like to put one student ‘in charge’ and he/she is designated to run the game, keep score if needed, and monitor behavior. They get a HUGE kick out of this and love being in charge. It’s pretty hilarious when they mimic how I act. They run similar behavior management systems on the board (good/ bad list, points for good behavior, etc.) and say some of the same things I say (“Nice try,” “Thanks for raising your hand,” “Do you want to lose a point?”) – all without me ever telling them. It’s SO cute.

I made some new games to work on making inferences. This is something very challenging for children with autism. I will work on these games with them at first and I think eventually this games will make their way to the independent game shelf. I am planning on storing them in tupperwares. I’ll post pics once I get them set up. I am really excited about these – I think these games will be great for kids! This can be used with small groups in either a teacher or student directed center. Cut our boxes, tape onto index cards, and laminate. All sets come with a directions, a label, and scorecard:

The “Who am I?” game is based on community helpers:

The “Where am I?” game uses basic locations:

The “What am I doing game?” provides hints for common activities:


So for FREE today download the “What am I doing game?” by clicking on the title page below.

Let me know what you think and how it goes with your students!

Download the “Who am I?” and “Where am I games?” (get both games for only $3!) by clicking on this title page below:


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