Freebie Friday: Visual Questions!

Yesterday I wrote about ways encourage and teach verbal responding. I love to use the verbal fill in phrases I talked about but I also really love using visuals. Visuals are a great type of prompt to use because when you use a verbal prompt the child is basically just echoing you which is what we want to get away from. Vocal imitation is a great thing to work on separately to build more complex verbal patterns but for this skill we are focusing on getting students to respond independently to questions and comments. You almost don’t want to even care about the words being pronounced perfectly. At this point, you just want to build responding.

These visual questions are a snap to make and can be used daily. We use them in our morning group time during social activities. You can switch around the pictures since they are velcroed so students need to discriminate to choose the response they want.

I store them in these question envelopes in my morning meeting area. I laminated some big pockets I got at the school supply store.

For FREE (for forever – this freebie will always be free!) I have a set of 6 visual questions! Here is what questions there are. This packet comes complete with response options. Laminate both and velcro picture responses to the question card!

Download visual questions – set 2 here 🙂

YIKES!! I was just alerted that this freebie is messed up (thanks Mary!). I accidentally included a duplicate page! But unfortunately – this download is on my work computer 🙁 I will post the “What’s your favorite football team?” and “Whats your favorite cartoon?” on Wednesday. Ay yi yi – I guess multi tasking while watching a riveting Real Housewives episode did not work out…. sorry guys. Freebie Fail…

I also have 11 other questions (including ‘How are you?’ ‘What is your favorite food?’ ‘How did you sleep last night?’ etc.) posted on TPT for $2.50.


Social skills instruction is a huge component of my morning meeting. Check out a video tour of my morning meeting area for to see how I organize it:


and lastly HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a great weekend 🙂


  1. Thanks for the langauage visuals! Just what I need for my students. Love all your resources and ideas.

  2. I just noticed there are 4 questions and not 6 because 2 pages are the same questions.

  3. Omigosh thank you for telling me Mary! OOPS! It’s on my work computer so won’t be able to add it until Wednesday – sorry!!!!

  4. Thanks!. Wed is fine! Your freebies are worth waiting for! The video was extremely helpful too. Watching it again reminded me of when it was SUPER HOT in my non-airconditioned classroom back in August. I remember you said it was incredibly hot in your room too! Thanks again for the great language ideas and resources. I will be using them in my classroom to support my kids’ language goals.

  5. Omigosh yes Mary! The video reminded me of the crazy heat too! So thankful we are passed that 🙂

  6. Hello, is there a universal rule for Velcro? I’m starting to make more materials like this since I just became a speech pathologist but was wondering if you know of a universal rule that will state which side of Velcro to put on the sentence strip, VOCA, etc and which side of Velcro to put on the removable picture symbols? I didn’t want to Velcro everything before I knew. Thanks!

  7. I have heard of it both ways! I do hard velcro on the books and pages/strips and soft on the pieces. The only real rule – is pick one and ALWAYS stick with it!

  8. hi want to know how can l order all these tools

  9. I know this question was posted almost a decade ago, but I have always used “hard on card” for a few reasons– easy to remember the rhyme for one! I also like being able to stick the cards to myself when I’m wearing something like a sweater, and NOT having everything get pills if I have the receiving velcro (soft side) on the edges of counters, tables, drawers, task boxes, etc. Again, the most important thing is to remain consistent!!


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