Freebie Friday: Making Inference Game AND September Bingo

Double freebie today! Woohoo. My bad about not clarifying the freebie situation last week. The free products will be available ONLY on Friday. So make sure to check in every Friday to get a new free download 🙂

So if you missed last week: I posted about the Making Inferences Games I had been making. This is something very challenging for children with autism. I will work on these games with my students at first and I think eventually this games will make their way to the independent game shelf. I am planning on storing them in tupperwares. I am really excited about these – I think these games will be great for kids! This can be used with small groups in either a teacher or student directed center. Cut out boxes, tape onto index cards, and laminate. All sets come with a 24 flashcards, directions, a label, and scorecard.

For FREE today, download the What am I doing? inference game.

If you like these games, check out the other Making Inferences I made:


Next up… September Bingo! I got this super cute clipart from Cherry Clipart. My students love bingo. It is a great and easy game that can incorporate many types of students, encourage social interaction, practice turn taking, and can easily be played by my students independently!

Enjoy this September Bingo game for free today! It includes 20 cards and 2 sets of calling cards. One set is easier with just pictures and names for vocabulary building and matching. The other set is harder with hints or definitions on each card to work on problem solving and comprehension. I just laminated this the other day and it turned out SO cute!



I also have October Bingo and November Bingo games with similarly cute clipart! Happy Friday!


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