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Social stories go along with autism treatment plans just like  ballet flats go with skinny jeans. Although potentially vastly over prescribed and commonly used incorrectly, I believe that social stories do have their place in the wonderful world of autism interventions. When used appropriately, I have found them to be successful and effective at increasing appropriate behaviors and decreasing negative behaviors.

I found this snippet recently on in an ABA Blog:

 Pre-service teachers were trained to implement a Social Stories™ intervention to three students with autism in the general education classroom. A multiple baseline across students was used to assess the effects of Social Stories on classroom behavior and an alternating treatments design was used to compare two conditions. In one condition (immediate) data on student behavior was collected immediately following exposure to the Social Stories and in the second condition (delayed) data was collected after a delay of several hours following exposure to Social Stories. Results indicate some improvement in classroom behavior following Social Stories for all three students. No differences between the immediate and delayed conditions were noted in student behavior.

Let’s rewind for a quick sec. Social stories children instruction on how to handle different social situations or environment. These stories describe what is appropriate to do in the situation. These stories can be visually based to help accommodate students with less language. So why are social stories effective? Personally, I think social stories are effective for students that have decent expressive and receptive language and have some what repetitive verbal behaviors. The scripting nature of social stories fits right into kiddos that are already fairly repetitive.

Social stories can be used in situation – ie. when a problem or trigger occurs – or preventatively – at the start of the day or when a potentially challenging situation may occur.

I have a few sets of social stories in TpT. They are some of my best sellers and I have gotten some great feedback on them. I’m so happy to hear that these have been helpful for so many teachers!

Behavior Set: Stories included are Personal Space, Keeping Your Hands to Yourself, What to do When You’re Frustrated, Time Out, Changes are Okay, and Loud Noises.

School Behaviors Set: Stories included are Doing Homework, Walking in the Hallways, Raising Your Hand, Getting a Wrong Answer, Saying I Don’t Know, Helping Your Teacher, and Lunch Room Behavior .

Friendship Set: Stories included  It’s Okay Not to Win, Standing Up for Your Friend, When to Give a Hug,  Ask to Play, Saying Sorry, Being Jealous, and Sharing with Your Friends.

Communication Set: Stories included are I Don’t Interrupt, When People Don’t Respond, Staying on Topic, Asking Politely, Answering the Phone, Commenting, and Good Listener.

Last but not least and your freebie for TODAY only:

Community Set: Stories included are Going to a Restaurant, Fast Food Time, Trip to the Grocery Store, Movie Theater, Going to the Mall, and Going to the Library.

Download for free today only party people! And por favor – if you download and find it useful & helpful please leave me some lovely feedback 🙂

And now – I demand that you put some sweats on, put your feedback, and unwind after this long, long week! (only if you are reading this after work hours of course!)



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  3. I would love your free community social story. How do I get this? Your materials are incredibly helpful and save teachers so much time. Thank you for your support!


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