Freebie Friday: Classroom Jobs Visuals and Directions

Happy Freebie Friday! Last day of the Blog Hop for Teacher Week!  Since I am (still…) not in my classroom, I don’t have any picture of these classroom jobs visuals and directions in my room. I have used these in the past and really love the way they turn out. These are space efficient and functional!

Children with autism benefit from the use of visuals. Some children struggle with receptive language and do not understand what is being asked of them. These visual directions will provide students a visual prompt for how to accomplish common classroom jobs.

I mount the label and directions back to back on a piece of construction paper and then mount on the board with velcro. That way the name of the class job is visual and students can pull off the label to see the directions for that task on the back. If you didn’t want to post these on a bulletin board – these would also work great as task cards. Laminate the label and directions back to back and then keep all job cards in a file folder or container. When it’s time for your student to accomplish the job, you can easily grab the visual out!  This would work great for students with disabilities in inclusion settings!

  • Here is basically what they look like. I post these on a bulletin board next to the students’ names. Since these velcro up, you can easily switch up jobs. I usually like to switch jobs every week. That way the students have a few days to work on the same task before switching.

  •  The thing that makes these visuals awesome – is that the visual prompts for how to accomplish the task on right on the back of the label. 


  • Put velcro on the corners of the labels. When students need to see the visual directions, they just pull the label off the board. 
  • The jobs included in this packet are:
    – sharpen pencil
    – push in chairs
    – bring attendance to office
    – sweep
    – vacuum
    – clean board
    – clean tables
    – wash dishes
    – water plants
    – give hand sanitizer

Download here! Enjoy! Let me know how these work out for you in your classroom! Check back EVERY friday for more Freebies! 


Hope you all have a great weekend! I’m off to the race track for my grandpa’s birthday (how cute is he??) – maybe I’ll win big. Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks for this free set of classroom jobs. : )

  2. Thanks for the freebie! I teach students with Autism too and I just started a blog. Please consider following me over at

  3. Are these going to be freebies again??

  4. No sorry – that was a promo last summer! 🙁


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