Freebie Friday: Book Report Form

You all know how much I hate… I mean ahem – love (sarcasm) homework. The seemingly unending differences between my students makes it SO hard to do anything across the board. Ugh – would I give my morning cup of coffee in exchange for some magical packet or worksheet that is academically appropriate for all my students. Sigh. Check out this post to see how I organize my homework system and this post to see where I get worksheets from.

Since I don’t want to destroy an ENTIRE forest’s worth of paper by making all of these freaken packets I started trying to think of homework ideas that would not be as paper-consuming. I love to get my kiddos reading more and more so a book report companion to a take home book was a perfect fit for my conundrum. My students get extra practice reading plus I can hold them accountable for their reading through the worksheet. And it’s only one page.

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 3.49.18 PM

We use these one or two days a week. I organize my library by reading level and their level is recorded on a form next to the bookshelf. They get to choose a book according to their reading level to bring home for the night.



Download the book report form here: book report form. Happy Friday 🙂


  1. You are so organised 🙂 Have you had the same age group for a number of years? Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you for the comment you left on my money activity. I was thrilled to click on your link and find this wonderful book report resource. When we came back for our winter break I added a book report or AR Test as a new goal for this nine weeks but could not find a simple enough form for half of my students. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Heather

  3. Perfect timing! haha! So glad it’s useful to you Heather!

  4. Yep – I have had this age group for 5 years!


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