Freebie Clothing Color Identification Page

Happy Friday! I received a few emails regarding this visual from pinterest (do you follow me? you should!! 🙂 ) and figured why not just upload for the masses to download! I love this one for my less verbal students to improve their color identification, receptive/expressive language, and self awareness!

This activity is pretty straightforward – students use the color pieces to identify the color of each of their pieces of clothing. You can do this on a daily basis as part of a morning routine which I love because the student can’t memorize this or do the same thing each day – because (hopefully) their clothing changes each day. Laminate the page and the pieces. I store the colored pieces on the opposite page velcroed to long strips of hard velcro.

the autism helper - colors the autism helper - colors

the autism helper - colors


Download the activity: clothes binder sheet and color pieces. Enjoy! 🙂 And have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

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  1. I really like this folder


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