Free Valentine Following Directions Activity

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I love me some Valentine’s day and I am raring to go on some crazy, cutesy Valentine activities. My students really need to work on following directions. This builds receptive language, reading comprehension, and focused attention. I like using following direction worksheets to target these skills. These types of worksheets your kids can’t fly through. They need to pay attention, use their reading skills, and attend to the details of the directions. These Valentine Following Direction Worksheets would be a great addition to a Valentine party, used for homework, or incorporated into a small group. There are a few different levels of difficulty included in this set!

The Autism Helper - Valentine Activity

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  1. I need activities and materials for children on the spectrum that are much lower functioning. I work on requesting, wh questions, attributes, commenting, prepositions, labeling, functions etc. Half of my vase load is non-verbal and uses PECS. Ideas for these children are always appreciated.

  2. When I print this package off Only part of the pages are printing. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Here is how to fix printing issues! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Save: Make sure you save the file before printing. Donโ€™t print from your download folder or from preview. Sometimes files can get corrupted if you open from a download versions. If the PDF files open in preview, if may not work or will be distorted in this format. When you download this and the computer prompts you to open it, do not open it the way it is asking. Right click on the file and select “”OPEN WITH ADOBE”” When you do this the resource will open correctly.
    Adjust Printer Options: This will usually solve any issues. Some printers may automatically select the wrong size when printing and will crop off part of pages or the pages may look unaligned. When printing make sure to select scale to print, shrink oversize pages, or print entire page. The options are worded differently on different printers. This will also solve any issues if your printer tells you that you need legal size paper. All of my products are to be printed on 8.5X11 paper (regular computer paper) not the long size paper (11X13).
    Update Adobe: You may have an outdated version of adobe which may be causing issues.
    Each and every product I sell can (and has!) been printed on both macs and PCs successfully! Following this steps will handle any printer issues! Let me know if this doesnโ€™t help!

    Let me know if this helps!


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