Free Snowman Bingo

Now that the weather is getting colder it’s time for some snow activities!  I created this fun Snowman Bingo game to work with my students on color concepts.  Each snowman is wearing a different color hat and/or scarf.  There are 6 different bingo boards you can use with your students.  I created 2 different level cards so there are several different ways you can play this game with your students depending on their skill level. 

For the Level 1 cards I either turn over the card or have one of the students in the group pick the card and show it to everyone in the group.  Then you or the student can say what the snowman is wearing.  For these Level 1 cards the student looks at their board to see if they have the same snowman on their board as the one on the card.  Not all the snowmen are on each board.  If your student has the snowman they can put a chip/token on the snowman on their board.  I like to model those color and clothing concepts multiple times with my students. 

I sometimes need to teach my students how to put a chip on their board to match the card instead of the snowman card.  Usually I first let the student match the card to their board and then I teach them to put the token on board and move the card away.  This can be hard for my students that are used to always direct matching. 

The Level 2 cards are a little more challenging.  Now the student does not have the exact snowman visual to match to their board.  The cards tell the color and then the clothing item.  For example, “purple hat and purple scarf”.  The student needs to look at their board and see if they have a snowman with a purple hat and scarf. 

This is also a good time to get your students to use their AAC devices to work on finding those color concepts and clothing items on their devices.  Your student can just tell you the color the snowman is wearing or maybe they can tell you the color and clothing item.  For example they can find “yellow” or “yellow scarf”. 

I had one student always use the “I have” carrier phrase to tell me what the snowman was wearing.  You could also use “I see” or “it’s a…” to practice expanding those utterances.

Even using these cards you can change the prompting.  You can tell the student what they are looking for such as “green hat” without showing the student the visual of the color green and the hat.  See if they student can look at their board and determine if they have a snowman wearing a green hat.  If they need additional prompting then you can show them the visual of the green hat.

If you are interested in using this Snowman Bingo game with your students click the link – Snowman Bingo



  1. Hi,
    I just printed the Snowman Bingo cards.
    Thank you so much they are going to be so much fun.
    I just wanted you to know some of the squares print with a black background. They don’t look like the original at all.

  2. Sarah, just something to think about for next time. I love this idea but would need to modify it for preschool. Maybe 9 squares? Other than that i think it is great!!!!!

  3. Hi Christine, make sure to save the PDF to your desktop and open from there. Sometimes if you open from the downloads folder, things get distorted. Also, make sure adobe (or whatever you are opening the PDF in) is up to date.

  4. Thanks! We try to create things that will work for lots of groups. You can always cover up one row and column with white paper to make less visual options! 🙂


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