Now that we are trying to support our students remotely and parents are working with their children at home I wanted to help provide some additional resources that might be helpful to share with parents.  Previously I blogged about some Community Helper games/activities I created and had been using with my students and maybe you used some with your students too before this long break.  I wanted to continue to reinforce this skill set so I made a packet of different level worksheets related to those Community Helper activities/games to hopefully provide additional support to our students learning at home.  I hope these resources will be helpful for others as we all continue to get through this challenging time together.  This packet of worksheets includes 5 different activities with 6 worksheets related to each specific activity for a total of 36 worksheets.      

I’ll give you an overview of each set of worksheets.  The first set of worksheets the student has to match to the community helper to the corresponding item that community helper member needs.  I targeted 30 different community helper members.  The student can draw a line from the community helper member to the item.  If your child is verbal you can have them name the community helper member and what they use.  For example, “a baker uses a muffin pan” or “mail carrier gives mail”.  If your child has a device maybe they can find the community helper member on their device and/or the item that person needs.     

The next section the student now has to identify which item the community helper member needs from a visual choice of 3 pictures.  This can be a little more challenging because I did not provide the added visual support of the community helper member.  You can read the questions to your child or if they can read have them practice reading the question to you.  Look at all three choices and determine which item that person needs.  Either or you or your child can name all the choices in case one of the item choices is unfamiliar.  Then have your child circle the correct answer.  For example, “what does the teacher need?  A math book, whisk, or umbrella?”  Once your child identifies the teacher needs the math book they can circle or color in the math book.  There 36 different community helper members targeted with these worksheets.  I used the same community helper members as the first set of worksheets but tried to use different items for each community helper member.  I always like lots for practice and multiple examples.

The third section of worksheets is also matching but this time the student needs to match the community helper member to where that person works.  Make sure you name all the community helper members and the locations in case your child is not familiar with one of them.  Also some of the building pictures may be hard to tell the place it is if the child can’t read.  There are also 30 community helper members targeted in this set.  Again if your child is verbal try to have them tell you the community helper member and where they work to practice expanding those utterances.  For example, “the zookeeper works at the zoo”.  If your child has a device maybe they can practice finding those locations on their AAC device.

The next two sets are for children who can write.  There are 6 “What do they need?” worksheets and 6 “Where do they work?” worksheets.  You can change what you want the student to write depending on their skill level.  For the “What do they need?” worksheets you can just have your child write one item that community helper member needs or maybe you can try and think of 2 items related to that person.  Some students may be able to write the answer in a complete sentences. 

Same for the “Where do they work?” worksheets.  The student can write just the location or they can try and write the answer in a complete sentences.  If you child has an AAC device they could practice answering the questions on their device too before writing the answers.

Hope some of you find theses worksheets useful for your students!  Here is the link –Community Helper Worksheets

Keep learning and stay safe!

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