Free Christmas Counting Activity!

I thought I would share one more Christmas Freebie with you to use this month!  I know it is getting close to Winter Break but this is an easy activity you can just print out and use with your students this week.  I have shared this counting activity for some of the other holidays so I decided to create one for Christmas.  I realized that I have some holidays/themes I’m missing so I will try to fill in the gaps in the upcoming months and then I can have a Free Counting Bundle with all the different themes for you.  Hopefully some of you can use the Christmas Counting one this week.

There are a couple different ways you can set up the activity.  If you want to be able to reuse this activity you can laminate all four counting pages.  The first two you can put hard Velcro in the empty boxes and soft Velcro on the back of the numbers so the students can match the number to the correct number of items.   You also could just have your students use dry erase markers on all the pages to write the number in the boxes.  This makes it simple and ready to use in a few minutes.

Another option is to create a file folder activity.  This is how I set up mine.  I glued the first two Christmas counting pages in a file folder and laminated the folder.  I put hard Velcro in all the boxes.  Then I attached soft Velco on the back of the cut out number pieces and attached them along the bottom of each page for storage.  Since I have other seasonal file folder activities it makes it easy to store and use again.

For this activity, I worked on reviewing those holiday terms, answering “how many” questions, along with answering other “wh” questions about the items.  Such as “what’s on the top of the tree?”, “what color is the reindeer’s nose?” or “where do put your presents?”  You can give them a choice of answers so for “where do put your presents?”…. “inside the tree” or “under the tree”.  Lots of ways to work on expanding utterances by identify the number of the items and using an “I see” phrase.  For example, “I see three Christmas trees.” or “I see eight candy canes.”

The last two pages I made just for some extra worksheets that could be sent home for homework but like I said before you can also laminate them and have the students use them multiple times if they are working on counting and number identification.  You can also put them in a file folder and laminate them and the students can use a dry erase marker to complete them.  It makes it more challenging because they don’t have the number choice available for them.

Hope some of you have time to use these activities with your students this last week before break!  Here is the link – Christmas Counting


  1. Thank-you! So cute!

  2. Thank you very much. These will be so useful in supporting learning to count.


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