Free Big/Small Easter Egg Sort

I’ve made big/small sorts for other holidays so I figured I’d make one for Easter too.  This is also a great activity to work on following directions involving size and color concepts with your students.  I know Easter is coming up soon so hopefully you can use this activity with your students these next couple weeks.  All you need to do is print, laminate, and cut out the Easter Eggs and you are ready to go!  There are 20 big eggs and 20 small eggs for your students to sort.    

If you have used my other holiday sorts this will be familiar to you.  I set up this activity by putting the Big and Small Cards at the top of the therapy table.  Then I hold up one Easter egg and modeled the size concept before putting it under the correct big/small card.  Next I modeled the other size concept and put it under the correct size card.  I reviewed those “big” and “small” concepts multiple times for my students before we started the sorting activity. 

Some of my students are still learning about size concepts so they needed a lot of prompting to help them place the Easter Eggs in the correct pile.  The focus for these students is just identifying the difference between the eggs and sorting the eggs by size. 

For other students I used this as a following directions activity involving color, size, and number concepts.  You can modify the activity depending on your student’s skill level and exposure to size concepts.  When I’m focusing on size concepts, I held up a big and a small Easter egg and I provided a verbal instruction including the size concept.  For example, “take big” or “find the big egg”.  After my student selected the correct egg I had them place the egg in the correct size pile.

To make it more challenging for some of my students I also included color concepts when giving the directions.  For example, I said “Take the big blue egg” and I provided a visual field of 3 eggs for my student to select the correct egg.

You can also work on number concepts.  For example, “take 2 small Easter eggs” or “take 1 big Easter egg and 1 small Easter egg”.  I would only add the color or number concepts to the size concept if your student knows some of those concepts.  Make sure you are not doing all new concepts because that would be too much for the student.       

You can also work on expressive language skills with this activity.  When targeting those expressive skills, I just held up an Easter egg and had my student verbally or with their AAC device request the egg including the size concept.  They can say “big” or “small” and then I hand them the Easter egg and he/she can place it in the correct spot.  You can also work with your students on expanding their utterances such as “big egg”, “I see a little egg”, or “I see a pink egg”.  It’s an easy activity to set up and use with your students!

If you are interested in using this activity with your students click the link – Big and Small Easter Egg Sort


  1. Hi! This looks great but I can’t work out how to access it to print? Thank you

  2. Hi Sara,

    You should be able to click the link at the bottom of the post – Big/Small Easter Sort which is in blue. It should link you to the product. Let me know if it works.

  3. There is a download linked in the post! 🙂


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