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FREE Big/Small Christmas Sorts!

I’ve been working on size concepts with some of my students so for this month I created two different big/small Christmas sorts.  The sorts have been working out well with my students so I wanted to share them as a Free Resource for you to use with you students.  I created a Big/Small Present Sort and a Big/Small Christmas Cookie Sort.  Just laminate and cut out all the piece for each sort and they are ready to use!

For this sort, the students need to sort the different presents by size.  I set up the activity by putting the Big and Small Cards at the top of the therapy table.

I held up one present and modeled the size concept and then put it under the correct big/small card.  Then I modeled the other size concept and put it under the correct card.

There are some variations depending on your students’ skill level and exposure to size concepts.  Some of my students are just starting to learn about size concepts so they needed a lot of prompting to help them place the presents in the correct spot.  The focus for these students is receptively being able to sort the two different sizes.

Another receptive task I used with my students who are staring to understand big/small concepts is I held up a big and small present and I provided a verbal instruction including the size concept.  For example, “take big” or “find the big present”.  To make it more challenging I set out 3-4 presents and I included 2 concepts.  For example, “take the big purple present” or “take the small present with stars”.  This is great for my students with following direction goals involving basic concepts.

You can also use this as an expressive language task.  Hold up one of the presents and have your student verbally or with an AAC system tell you the size concept.  Once they tell you “big” or “small” you can hand them the present and he/she can place it in the correct spot.


I set up this sort the same way.  The difference is the cookies are shaped in different holiday related items so you can use it to build up some vocabulary skills.  There is a wreath, light, different gingerbread people, ornament, bell, Christmas trees, etc.

Again, you can target both receptive and expressive language skill with this simple Christmas cookie sort.  Lots of ways to adapt these sorting activities to meet the needs of your students!

If you are interested in a free copy of these sorts click the link – Big Small Christmas Sorts.  Hope your students like them!


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