Football Sunday – NFL Play 60

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My school was preeeeetty lucky last week. One our teachers entered my school into NFL Play 60’s contest and guess what? We got picked. Our school was beyond psyched. Not only did we snag a nice little grant towards exercise and healthy eating programing, we got a visit from Chicago Bear’s player, Tim Jennings. Super sweet! We had a whole school assembly to welcome him and then 50 kids were chosen to do some athletic events with Tim. One of my kids got to go! I was so excited for him – like a little proud momma duck. When he came back from the gym he was so tired and sweaty ,that there was a small sweat stain on the chair where he sat down. The poor guy was beyond mortified, insisting that he did not pee his pants. Ha.

So what does any good teacher do after a fun and exciting activity like this? They ruin by making it academic! Just kidding 🙂 We of course still had fun doing the academic work. We wrote a journal about our day’s events and my students did a real awesome job. I think that students with autism excel when writing about concrete events that they recently participated in. The memory is fresh and they know what happened. Several of my students completed a full page journal on their own!

I made this festive writing paper for the occasion – feel free to snag it and save it until fall football time! 🙂 football worksheet

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 4.22.10 PM

Let me brag: look at how great they did! A few spelling and grammar errors but overall some impressive independent work! 🙂

football      football


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