While this school year is winding down, it is the perfect time to look ahead to next school year. In my last post, I shared ways to prep for next school year now and part of that is incorporating some next practices and materials in my classroom. I’m especially excited to share these materials with you because they are either new or materials I’ve wanted to use for a while, but never got the chance to make. Here are five Autism Helper products that I am already prepping for next school year… 

1. Seriation and Sequencing Task Cards

I’m putting together the Seriation and Sequencing Task Cards for next school year for so many reasons. Many of my students still need to develop their sequencing skills and many of them have sequencing as a goal for science or social studies.  These task cards are interactive and save you the trouble of getting many different games or materials together.  If you use the ABLLS-R with your students, The Autism Helper’s ABBLS-R Aligned Task Cards are perfect for instructional programs, task boxes or small group instruction. 

2. Time Management and Waiting Visuals

This product is definitely bang for your buck! The Time Management and Waiting Visuals includes mini-social stories about how to wait, choice boards, time management planning sheets, interactive waiting visuals and more. What I really like about this product is that it uses evidence-based strategies to teach students how to wait or manage time and that you can use different components with the variety of learners I have in my classroom. While I can use the waiting visuals with my students who are working on waiting patiently, I can use the time management planning sheet with my students who are able to work independently, but are ready to be pushed to the next level of taking ownership of their learning.   

3. Reading Comprehension Work Task Mega Pack

Sometimes, traditional reading and answering questions comprehension activities can get a little old. The Reading Comprehension Work Task Mega Pack makes reading comprehension interactive and interesting! There are 20 reading comprehension activities included for a variety of levels. What I also like about this product is that I can use it with the work task system I already have in my classroom. I also like that I can use it for a variety of students-there is matching sight words to pictures, prepositions, filling words in a paragraph and more! 

4. Functional Literacy Leveled Daily Curriculum 

I am a huge fan of all the Autism Helper’s Leveled Daily Curriculum (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies), but I have not yet used the this one. The Functional Literacy Leveled Daily Curriculum focuses on applying reading and literacy skills to everyday activities such as traffic signs, reading a work schedule or understanding a posted flyer. I will be using this next year in our life skills classroom during Special Activity time. This curriculum is a great way to teach literacy skills in a meaningful way to the diverse learners in your classroom!

5. Anchor Chart Matching File Folder Activities

I love anchor and reference charts. I tell my students that being smart doesn’t mean you know everything; being smart means you know where to look for information and you know how to use your resources.  Using the Anchor Chart Matching File Folder Activities product is a great way to introduce using an anchor chart to students who need to develop that skill. It is also a good way to level up students who have mastered matching, but are not quite ready for more advanced skills. I’m excited to use this product with the new students who will be in my classroom next year!  

I hope you are thinking of using some of these or other Autism Helper products in your classroom for next school year! For more on prepping for next school year now, check out Sasha’s blog posts Getting Ready for Next Year and Wrapping Up the End of the YearAlso, check out Jen’s blog post How to Start Prepping for Next School Year Now. Happy prepping! 

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