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February is all about data at The Autism Helper and as teachers, we know how essential data collection is for a successful classroom (check out our collective data blog post for inspiration). For this post, I wanted to share five data sheets I am currently using in my classroom and as a bonus, I’ve included edible versions each data sheet (freebie alert!). Just a note-the edible data sheets might look a little different (different fonts, slightly different formatting) than the pictures because I wanted to provide documents that were user friendly on a variety of devices. Enjoy!

1. Vocal Imitation

The Vocal Imitation Data Sheet was designed for collecting data on a vocal imitation or intraverbal goal.  I originally created this vocal imitation data sheet for one of my students who is blind, but it can really be used for any student who is doing a vocal imitation program. This data sheet features personal information, math skills, calendar skills and letter sounds, but this data sheet can be tailored to your student’s needs. You could also leave it blank and write in phrases you want your student to practice. This can be used as a check-off for a paraprofessional to use (you can laminate it and use a dry erase marker) or as a data sheet where correct and incorrect answers are recorded.  

2. Toileting 

This Toileting Data Sheet is an essential data sheet if you have any student that needs assistance or dedicated support when using the bathroom.  This data sheet features sections to indicate if the student needed to be changed and if the student is using the toilet.  There is also a place to indicate the toileting schedule on the top of each page, a column for staff to initial and a notes section.  This is a straightforward data sheet that is easy to fill out so that all staff is able to easily note what happened. This is also a good way to determine an individualized toileting schedule or to see if your student is asking for the bathroom as an escape behavior.  

3. Three-Drawer Bin System

The 3 Drawer Bin System Data Sheet is a must-have for teaching students an independent work system. This data sheet features the prompting level for each step of the process and a place to write the total time the activities took the student to complete. I did not include verbal prompting this data sheet because the student I created this data sheet for is easily distracted by verbal prompts and repeats the prompts multiple times, but please feel free to add a space for verbal prompting when you customize this data sheet for your classroom. 

4. Instructional Program Data 

The Instructional Program Data Sheet is easily adaptable to most individual instructional programs or IEP goals. This data sheet features a space to write the goal and mastery criteria at the top of each sheet. It also has a space to write what is included in each number set on the top of each sheet for easy referencing.  The space for data is large so that you can use it in a variety of ways and have space to indicate correct and incorrect answers. 

5. Frequency/ABC Data 

The Frequency-ABC Data Sheet is a combination of the classic ABC chart (antecedent, behavior, consequence), but with a space for a frequency count of specific behaviors. This is a great data sheet to use for a student with a dedicated paraprofessional. I have included a column frequency count of prompts and two specific behaviors. Please customize to best meet the needs of your student!

Bonus Data Sheets

I have included two bonus data sheets for you to use in your classroom! One is the Monthly Behavior Data Sheet for Clicker. This data sheet was designed to use with a clicker to write the daily frequency totals for up to 2 behaviors. It’s a great way to view a month’s worth of data on one sheet.  This data sheets also includes a space for an operational definition so no matter who is taking the data, it is clear what behavior is being observed. 


The other data sheet I have included is an Intervention Data Sheet. I designed this data sheet to keep track of interventions I have used with individual students. This  data sheet useful for creating behavior plans or gathering evidence to determine more appropriate settings for a student. I have included some common interventions, but you can edit these interventions or opt to leave the interventions blank so you can write them in as you use them with your student. 

I hope you can use some of these data sheets with your students. Look for more ready-made data sheets that can be customized at the The Autism Helper store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Feel free to share data sheets you use in your classroom!

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