If you haven’t signed up for the free monthly newsletter from TAH…what are you waiting for!? Besides highlighting blogs and resources you can use in your classroom, each month you will receive three FREE downloads of monthly work tasks! I had the pleasure of test driving the ones that will be available this spring and these five are my favorite…

1. Fill the Pot with Gold

This task takes “give me” counting to the next level! The directions on the cards are in sentence format and this task uses ABLLS-R math vocabulary (“add” and “more”).  I also like the additional challenge of the numbers written out in word form. Perfect for a seasonal task bin or classroom party activity station. Fill the Pot with Gold will be available with the March newsletter.

2. Match the Tree

Match the Tree is a good task to help students develop basic copying skills. It is a perfect prerequisite to copying words from the board to a piece of paper and can be utilized with students whose writing skills are still developing.  I like how the birds are similar in color so students really need to pay attention to the discriminating features. This task will be available with the March newsletter.

3. Recycle or Don’t

I am obsessed with recycling (blame it on being raised on the west coast) and this task is as adorable as it is practical! It comes with lots of pictures of garbage or recyclable items to ensure students get multiple practice opportunities. This is an awesome way to supplement lessons or activities for Earth Day. Look for the Recycle or Don’t task with the April newsletter.


4. Make the Playground

These spring scenes will make you smile and help reinforce following directions all at the same time! Love this work task for the spring/outdoor/playground vocabulary. I also appreciate the two-for-one levels included in this task (#differentiation). Make the Playground includes two sets of the the same scenes-one with written directions and one with picture directions. Look for this task with the May newsletter.


5. Continue the Pattern

Besides being visually stunning, it includes a variety of pattern types….AB, ABC, but also includes the more complex patterns like AAB. This task would be the perfect supplement to use with math lessons about patterns (I’m thinking of TAH’s Math Leveled Daily Curriculum Level 1). You could also use it for a task box, independent activity or as part of an instructional program. Look for Continue the Pattern with the May newsletter.

I hope you sign up for TAH’s free monthly newsletter! As always, share your ideas for different ways to use TAH’s resources in your classroom!

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