Fluency Station Update and March Currently!

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I did a little switch around and mash up of too centers that I must admit has gone just swimmingly. I wish I could say these changes were brought about by some well calculated plan that I had organized prior to the school year even beginning. Nope. Not really that awesome. I really just wanted to cut down on making copies. And sadly this is not because I want to go green and reduce my paper waste. I do, don’t get my wrong, it’s just not my main motivation. I just really hate making copies.

But sometimes the best ideas come out of seemingly insignificant beginnings! Because the way these two centers fit together – it’s as if I had planned it all along. Love when that happens.

So let’s break it down. My fluency station is run by aide who conducts short flashcard timings on academic skills (sight words, math, time, money, articulation, etc.). When the students are rotating around the centers in pairs, one student works with aide on their flashcards and the other students do a binder of independent work (this post says where I get all the worksheets). But like I said, copying… ugh.

To cut down on the copying, I decided to incorporate my writing centers into my fluency center a little bit. My kiddos have done so great on the writing center. We do it normally at the end of the day – with assistance from me. But, they are starting to get somewhat independent at some of the writing centers! I thought this would be great combination. I want them to do some independent writing and we can still work on making things more complicated, detailed, and longer during our teacher assisted writing centers time!

Now we will be switching off every other week – one week of language binders and one week of writing centers. We clearly needed a new visual for this. We use this mini schedule to show which students will be doing binders that day (the other student in the pair then does flashcards).


Other names stored on the back:


So I just made an identical version in another color for writing centers.

IMG_3059 IMG_3058


We just put one behind the other and at the end of the week my aide switches them out. Easy peasy.





Last but not least: MARCH CURRENTLY! I am linking up with Oh’ Boy 4th Grade to share what I am up to this month 🙂 Love it!


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