First Week of School Virtually or in Person

My motto this year is to simplify and scale down.  This doesn’t mean that my expectations for myself or my students have been lowered, I just want to focus on what is essential and most important.  Whether you’re in person or virtual, here are three quick tips to get you started on your year!

Defining the Structure

Just like if you were in the classroom (or if you are), a smoother running classroom has consistent structure and routines.  While this year we have to be more flexible than ever, the flow of your instruction can stay the same.  Establishing a routine early on will ease both parents and students because everyone will know what to expect.  Check out the video below to see the routine I used every day during E-Learning!   

Pairing & Engaging Activities

If you’re not familiar with pairing or chocolate chip cookies check out this post here. Virtually or in person, you want to make sure you are still focusing on pairing yourself!  Pairing yourself as a reinforcer will increase the student engagement level virtually and in person.  While harder virtually, we still have to give it our best effort.  With little ones it’s all about the routine and fun!  Watch the video below to see some of my favorite activities! I also want to pair myself with the parents by providing positive praise for their efforts.  I cannot imagine how difficult juggling life and children is at a time like this.  Check out the free digital learning certificates from Miss Learning Bee on Teacher’s Pay Teachers.


Alternative Activities

During these times we must be especially mindful of our family’s needs.  Not every family has unlimited school, art, and cooking supplies for activities.  During E-Learning this spring, my amazing educational assistant would take the activity I posted and create a video showing an alternate way of completing it with minimal supplies.  I felt good knowing that if families wanted to participate, everyone had equal access.  I plan on continuing this throughout this year as well.  The video recording program we all used was free and called Screencast O Matic! Happy Teaching!

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