I really like using Sasha’s Find Objects in a Scene Task Cards with my students because there is so much you can do with them.  I thought I’d share how I’ve been using these task cards not only to target receptive language skill but expressive language skill as well.  The first set contains 60 cards in which the students has to find 4 different objects within the scene.  Then to make it more challenging the other set contains 16 cards in which the student has to find 4 incomplete (partial) objects within the given scene.    

Here are some different ideas you can do when using these cards.  You can use these cards as a receptive language task.  Have your student look at the visual scene and identify each of the four different items in the scene.  If your student can’t read just read the items to him/her.  I read one item at a time and have my student point to each object after I read it.    

I like that there is a check list on the side.  You can have your student put a check in the box after they find the item.  You can even have your student circle the items on the card with a dry erase marker.  This would be perfect if you wanted to use these cards for an independent work task because the student can circle the items and place a check in the box as they find the items.  Then you can check them after the student completes a set number of cards. 

You can also have the student identify the object by a given feature or function.  For example, when looking at the outdoor scene I said “find the one you drive” and “find the one you use when it rains”.  When looking at the other scene I said “find the one that tells time” or “find the one for typing”. 

Another way you can use the cards is lay 2-4 cards on the table and have your student identify the scene by location or what you do in the given scene.  For example, “find the bedroom” or “find the classroom”.  Now the student has to identify the location of the scene.  You could even say “find the one where students go to learn”. 

To work on expressive language skills I have my students tell me what they see in the scene and/or tell me the location of the scene.  I have been using these card a lot with my students who have AAC devices.  I’m always trying to use different cards or activities with my students so they can practice using their devices to navigate for more than just requesting.  I show the student one of the scene cards and ask “what do you see?”  I have the student tell me what they see in the scene even if it doesn’t match with the four items listed on the right.  I’m using this for an expressive task and want to see what they can name.  Sometimes they tell me one item at a time such as “I see bed”.   

I thought it was awesome that one of my students said “I see recliner” on her device to describe the chair she saw in the living room scene.

I’m also trying to get them to name multiple items at a time.  Eventually we will add in that “and” word but right now I’m happy if they can list more than one item.  One of my students said “I see basketball water” on his device.  Again, combining words together is a big step for some of my students.

I like when my students can list multiple items they see and navigate to different groups on their device.  Again, I’ll work on using “and” later but right now I’m working with my students on expanding their utterances.

I also had my students tell me the location of the scene on their device.  I would show the student the visual scene and ask “where is this?” or “where do you see the ….?”  Then my student would navigate to the places group on their device and find the correct location.  This was good practice navigating to those different “places” on their devices.  My student said “I see bathroom”. 

I like that this set contains so many different scene cards.  I often bring them to my therapy sessions and if we have a few minutes at the end of the session we can do a few cards.  If you are interested in these cards you can find them on TPT with the link – Find Objects in a Scene Task Cards

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