File Folder Activities for Non-Identical Sorting

Work on sorting non-identical items with these 10 file folder activities. Sorting non-identical items is a perfect next step for children who have mastered basic matching and are ready to work on more complex skills! Sorting teaches organization and is an essential foundational skill that improves categorizing and discrimination. Perfect for early childhood or students with autism or special needs! These file folder activities have been my go-to lately! I stash a few them in each center because several of my students need to work on basic sorting and categorizing skills. Perfect for the extra few minutes at the end of each activity.
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Included in this resource are instructions for setup and materials to make 10 file folder activities. These are perfect for direct instruction, independent work, or a center based activity! Check out these Non-Identical Sorting File Folder Activities. 


  1. I’m excited to try these with my student

  2. Great to hear! Hope these are helpful!


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