Why Do You Feel? {an adapted book}

The last edition to my question answering book collection! You knew this was coming didn’t you?! I know you all were holding your breath with anticipation. I had the books for who, what, where, when, and how – and I would now like to introduce you all to Why Do You Feel? I love working on wh- questions in isolation through these adapted books. It had been so helpful for students to develop the association between the question word and the type of response. These books have also been a lifesaver for working with my students with lower verbal abilities. I have had some lovely shock and awe moments when my kiddos astound me with the knowledge they have been holding inside.

This book – Why Do You Feel? – works on pairing emotions with situations. This is a critical step in skill development when it comes to understanding your emotions. Many of my students can now accurately name emotions but pairing them with scenarios is more difficult.

This book follows a familiar pattern. Each page has an emotion and the student will pair the visual.

Why Do You Feel? The Autism Helper

Why Do You Feel? The Autism Helper

Here is the product preview for Why Do You Feel?:



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