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February is a fun month! Valentine’s Day, Snow Themes, and this year we even have the Olympics! Yesterday I shared my monthly lesson plans. Today I want to share the resources and ideas that will carry my classroom’s curriculum through the month!

Check out my Snowman Unit I did last year! Filled with tons of links, pics, and fun snowman ideas!

The Autism Helper - Snowman Unit

Check out what we did for our Valentine’s Day party last year! Cupcakes, bingo, and pink crafts galore!


Last year, we made strawberry milkshakes! So fun and delicious! This post has a freebie recipe and comprehension worksheet for ya! This is a really fun Valentine activity.

THe Autism Helper - Milkshake

We have been playing Say it to a Snowman – a fun game that really enhances conversation skills and abilities!

Say it to a Snowman - The Autism Helper

Here are the products that we will be using this month:

Copy and Write Winter Words

The Autism Helper - Copy and Write Winter Words

Winter Writing Prompts

sort and write

Winter Vocabulary Packet 

The Autism Helper - Winter Vocabulary Packet

Cupcake File Folder Activities 

The Autism Helper - Cupcake File Folders

Valentine File Folder Activities 

The Autism Helper - Valentine File Folders

February Bingo 

The Autism Helper - February Bingo



  1. Sasha,
    I use so many of your materials with my student who is blind and has an ASD. (Just add braille!) You mention “counting programs” in your Snowman Unit post. I was wondering, do you have a video tutorial about that portion of your curriculum? I would love to know more. Thanks for all you do!

  2. I tried to post earlier but had some technical difficulties. Sorry, if you get this twice! I use lots of your materials for my student who is blind and has an ASD. You mentioned “counting programs” in a couple of your recent posts. Could you explain that a little more? I looked for a video, but couldn’t find one. Thanks so much, Deedra


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