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February Links & Ideas

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Arctic Animals, Valentine’s, Snowmen, and Winter Theme come together for a jam packed February. In my high level reading group, we will be continuing to work on character traits, context clues, and narrative fact & opinion writing. In my mid group, we will be working on noun/verb identification, compare/contrast, and story elements. Busy freaken bees in my classroom. My group curriculum maps have made a major impact on my curriculum planning this year and I honestly think this is the most efficient we have ever been.

High Group:

Mid Group:

Low Group:


Enjoy & stay warm! 🙂

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  1. I absolutely love that you do this every month. It is so helpful! Thank you!

  2. Hi Sasha! I see all this wonderful bingo games on your blog. Sorry, maybe a stupid question, but can you let me know if I can read somewhere on your blog an explanation about how to play the bingo games? 🙁 And also do you have maybe some idea’s as Im homeschooling my 13 year old son with autism, how to get the max benefit out of your bingo games, I really love them! thanks so much! desiree

  3. So glad you find these helpful! 🙂

  4. Hi Desiree! We use these to work on vocabulary and other skills. For the basic level, I read or show the calling card and students cover up the picture on their board. For lower functioning students, I show the calling card and this works on matching and for higher functioning students I say the word and they locate the picture – this works on receptive vocabulary. If you want to make it even more challenging – the level 2 cards have different hints and cues to work on a variety of language skills. Hope this helps!

  5. Thanks so much Sasha, I will look through your bingo games cards. We can talk about it later as well 🙂

  6. Hi Sasha, I bought the who bingo (i got the wh-megapack earlier) and I love it, but sorry I have one more question. When you show the calling card the child has to find the answer on the bingo card, but how/with what do you cover the picture on the board? do you use a coin or something like that? I can remember something like that from when I was young… 🙂 Thanks a million!

  7. Yep! We use bingo chips, coins, small squares of paper etc. Sometimes we use cereal or small candy as a special treat and then they can eat them at the end 🙂

  8. Thanks!


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