If I had an unlimited teacher budget or won the teacher lottery (umm… that should exist) – I would promptly go to lakeshorelearning.com and purchase every single item there. Yep. Every one. Wouldn’t look back. I know it’s over priced and I know that many of the items I could probably make but there is some especially and perfectly amazing about their tasks. First of all, obscenely cute. Second of all, (and this is a close second in importance to the cutest) everything fit backs into the container they came in. Can I get an AMEN? Can someone please second my unnecessary frustration over trying to jam back the containers of a game or set of manipulative back into the container that they somehow fit into earlier. It’s like squeezing my post Christmas eating butt into skinny jeans. Yea. Not.going.to.happen.

This Question of the Day resource is one of my favorites:


We use it morning group and it is perfect for my less verbal students to work on answering questions and identify their name!


See look! How amazing is the organization of this box. AHHHH:


There are sets of questions on each topic so you can accomplish some thematic social units:


Anyone as obsessed with with Lakeshore as me? What’s your must have product?!

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