I love using adapted books with my students.  If you are not familiar with adapted books I recommend you try using them with your students.  One of my favorite adapted book series is my “What’s Bugging You? – School Supply Themed.”  This is a series I often suggest as a go to for someone wanting to try using adapted books with their students.  The reason for this is my students seem to really be engaged when we read these books and they think they are funny with the bugs.  You’ll see why when I go through how I use these books with my students.  The other good part is all three books vary in skill level which makes them flexible to use with different groups of students.  

The first book which I consider the easiest is “What’s Bugging You? School Supply Edition”.  The book works on identifying and matching common school supplies.  For this book and the other two books I have my students help me point to each box along the top of the page as we read “What’s bugging you?”  Then I point to the students as I say “you”.  Sometimes the students point back at me which is cute.    

We move to the bottom of the page and read “Oh No!” and over exaggerate our expressions.  Sometimes my limited verbal students try to imitate a verbal approximation of the “Oh No” part which is awesome.  Then I continue to read the rest of the sentence.  For example, “a bug on the markers.”  My student selects the bug and places it on the markers.  If it is too difficult for your student to find the correct color bug you can give them a choice of 2 bugs or just give them the bug so they can focus on matching the bug to the correct school supply item.  The great part about adapted books is you can change the level of prompting depending on your student’s needs.   

For my verbal students I have them help me read/say as much as they can.  The repetitive nature of these books increases my students’ participation.  You can also have your student find the school supply item on their AAC device.     

The next book which is a little more difficult is “What’s Bugging You? Color Edition”.  This book focuses on the students identifying those common school supply items by color.  This is great to work on following directions involving color concepts.  We again point to boxes as we read and get silly with the “Oh No!” part.  Next, I read what color school supply the bug is on such as “a bug on the yellow pencil”.  The student needs to place the bug on the yellow pencil.   

This is also a good time for your students to use their AAC devices.  The student can find the color and school supply item on their AAC device.  For example, after placing the bug on the pink crayon my student said “pink crayon” on their device.  You can work on your student expanding their utterances and say “bug on pink crayon” on their device to describe the picture.     

The final and I think most challenging book in the series is “What’s Bugging You? School Supply Function Edition”.  For this book the student has to identify the correct school supply item given the function of the item.  There are not visuals paired with the description so the student really has to understand those function concepts described to identify the correct school supply item. 

Again, this is a perfect time to have yours students use their AAC devices.  After you student places the bug on the correct school supply item which goes with the function they name the school supply item on their device.  I did this book with one of my students and she would find the color of the bug first and then the item the bug was on.  I was still happy because she did it independently.  For example, she said “blue” and then found “book” because the blue bug was on the book.  The next step might be for her to expand the utterance so I would model “blue bug on book”.  I want my students to use their devices anytime they can.  I can work with them to make more complete phrases or add in other words to make the message more clear. 

Now that the school year is coming to an end this might be a good set to put together over the summer when we have a little more time and try using this series at the beginning of next school year.  If you are interested in this adapted book series you can find it on TPT with the link – What’s Bugging You School Themed Adapted Book Series.   

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