Farmer, Farmer What Do You Hear?

Now that it finally feels like Spring with the weather getting warmer I wanted to do something related to outdoors and animals.  I decided to do a Farm Theme for the month of May.  I created some different Farm Theme adapted books to focus on learning farm vocabulary terms along with various language concepts such as answering “wh” questions, sequencing terms, and prepositional concepts.  Farmer, Farmer What do you hear? is a fun adapted book to help the students work on identifying animal sounds with the correct animal.

Farmer What Do You Hear pictures

This book is a little more challenging than some of my other books because the students are not just matching animal pictures but the students need to identify what animal makes the given sound.  I used this book for therapy with several of my students including my preschoolers and some of my students who use AAC devices.

Farmer Page 1

Here is how I set up the book with the animal pictures attached to the last page.

Farmer Book Set Up Page

While reading the book, I have the students touch each word square so they can follow along with the book as we read it together.  I change the level of prompting depending on the students’ needs.  If these animal sounds and animal vocabulary terms are still new concepts for my students I provide the students with the answer after I make the animal sounds.  For example,  “baa baa who can it be?” and then I say “it’s a sheep” and give the student the sheep picture and we practice saying “baa baa” or  “sheep” as the student places the picture on the question mark.  I use this learning approach for my students who are just beginning to work on these concepts.   Farmer Book Page 2

For some of my students after we say the animal sound and ask “who can it be?” I give the students a visual choice of 2 animals.  Other students are able to listen to the animal sound and find the correct animal from all the farm animals on the pieces page.

Farmer Book Page

I also used this book with my students who have Nova Chat devices.  I have 2 students who both have Nova Chat devices and are at different levels.  I had my students use their devices as we read this book.  I had one of my students just navigate the device to find the correct animals on the AAC device and push the animal button.  The student pushed the “groups” button then “farm animals” and then selected the correct animal to identify who made the given sound.  For my other student, I had the student type out the phrase “it is a pig” to answer the “who can it be?” question.  I also used some core vocabulary terms on the device while reading the book such as “my turn”, “turn” (for turn page), “hear”, and “more” (for more book).  I hope you find different ways to adapt this book to meet your students’ needs. Check out the whole series of Farmer, Farmer Adapted Books!


Farmer Book with AAC


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