Farm Fun!!!

This month I created 3 adapted Farm Books to use for therapy….Farmer, Farmer What Do You Hear?,  Farmer, Farmer Who’s in the Tractor?, and “Farmer, Farmer What Do You See?”.  I also paired the books with some different farm activities to work with the students on various language skills.   One activity was I made a farm identification board to work on some receptive language skills.  Click here to download the Farm Animal Board.

Farm Board

Here is how I used the farm identification board for therapy but there are other ways you can use it.  First I have the students find the number 1 on the board.  Then we point to all the animals in that row as we say the name of the animal.  For example, “dog, cow, rooster”.  I usually review the animal sounds that goes with the animals in that row after we name the animals.  Then I give the students 1-2 step directions depending on his/her skill level.  For some students I give 1-step directions and I go in the order of the animals/objects in that row.  Simple directions for Row 1 – “Touch the dog….Color the dog green”. / “Touch the cow…..color the cow blue.” / “Touch the rooster….color the rooster red.”

For other students I give multi-step directions and may even vary the order of the animals/object.  More complex commands for Row 1 – “Color the dog green” or “Color the dog green and the horse blue”.   If you wanted to make it even more challenging you could give direction such as, “Find the animal who says moo and color it blue”.   After we finish row 1, I continue onto rows 2, 3, and 4 with the directions.

Here is my student working on row 2 finding the animals in a random order.

Student Farm Board 1

After the students finish coloring the animals in that row I have them go back and say the color and animal in the row again.  Here my student pointed to the animals in Row 2 as he said “pink pig, yellow duck, brown horse”.

Student Farm Board 2

I model the animal names or farm objects and color concepts multiple times during the lesson.  You can also ask the students various “wh” questions during the lesson such as “what color is the chicken?” or “what does the cat say?”

Student Farm Board 3

Student Farm Board 4

After the lesson we again point to each animal and say the color and animal name.  For Row 1 it might be “Green Dog, Blue Cow, Red Rooster”.  You can also have the students identify the animals on the board using the animal’s name or descriptive concepts.  For example, “find the animal who says oink”, “find the green animal”, or “find where the animals live”.
Student Farm Board Final

One more challenging twist for your higher students is have the students take turns and give the directions to each other.   This is great for turn-taking and having the students formulate their own utterances.   I think my students had fun coloring the animals all different colors!

Check out next week’s blog with some fun farm game ideas!    

Sarah The Speech Helper


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  2. Sorry about that! It’s updated now! 🙂


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