Farm Animal Idioms {integrated lesson}

Last month we were were working on a thematic farm unit but we were also working on learning about idioms. So take a wild guess on what really awesome activity we did? Farm animal idioms! How’d you guess? I know I have preached this before but with how busy our days are and how much our students need to work on – you have got to multiple task. Each and every lesson you work on should be hitting several goals or areas of need. So use those thematic units to your benefit and incorporate them ¬†into your students’ IEP goals or skills!

So off the soapbox and back to the idioms – these have been tricky and hilarious. We are starting to get it but it’s definitely a process. We have been working on two new idioms a week and then reviewing our entire set at the end of each week. This is great because it gives my students the repetition and generalization practice they need.

We have been using this awesome set of idiom cards from – of course – Lakeshore Learning – my fav:

The Autism Helper - Idioms

We post two a week along with our weekly vocabulary words so it easily and readily falls into our morning routine during our reading time.

The Autism Helper - Idioms

To tie this into our farm unit, I used this awesome farm comic I found from Whimsy Workshop Teacher. We made our comics using the idioms we had worked on. This worked really well since idioms are funny, right? I did some teacher examples first:

The Autism Helper - Idioms

.. and then the kids made theirs. They turned out so cute! I absolutely love how much attention they paid to the details and coloring of the comics. I told them they needed to make it “hallway worthy!”

The Autism Helper - Idioms

These comics would be great for working on wh- questions, cause and effect, and correct sentence formation!


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