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Work stations are the way to go to get everything done efficiently. Having one place to keep everything means students can work more independently. This work station has our writing binders on the top shelf. The second shelf is the fluency shelf, students have their fluency binders and cards. Lastly the third shelf is reading puzzles. Everything has it’s place and students can access all of their materials easily! This is a teacher after my own heart! 🙂

The Autism Helper

You know I always rave about my most organized and space efficient work task system and I guess you all love it as much as I do! I loved seeing this system in all of your classrooms. Check it out:
The Autism Helper The Autism Helper
The Autism Helper

One of you wrote me about how you use these visual supports and task systems. I love hearing from you and I thought this was great. Thank you for the feedback and referrals!

“I love your visual supports!!! I have most of your ‘visual support’ products such as the work task system, behavior visuals, & color-coded schedule. People come in an take pictures of my classroom all the time because they love all of my visual supports. I always send them to your website!”

This is how one teacher sets up their sentence center. She said that her “kiddos have loved the activity all year long!”

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper


I love to hear that the kids appreciate their work! Having something to keep students occupied throughout the year becomes a lifesaver in my room. It makes it so much easier on teachers, students, and aides!

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  1. I use your task system too! It works so well and the paras love it too!


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