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Of course my whole class cannot do worksheets – that would be too easy. We special educators thrive off complications, exceptions, and everything individualized, right?! Some of my kiddos need a little something different. As I took the pictures for this post, I realized I have kind of this obsession with binders! I have binders all over my room. Jeez I am weird…

Homework: For my students who are lower functioning and do not read/write, I like to make a take home binder of velcro pages. If the parents are pretty involved, I’ll have them keep the binder at home and send new pages every few months or so. That has seemed to work very well for some of my guys. The parents are always thrilled too – to have work that is appropriate for their child on hand in the home.

Independent Work Binders: For my independent work binders, specifically the ones in my fluency station, I make the same type of velcro work. Depending on the student, I make a variety of matching, sorting, and dry erase sheets.

Some pages from the binder-palooza that is my classroom, it’s time to go beyond just boring old matching, right?!:

 I also love these question pages:




The weather and calendar related pages are on TpT under my Calendar Time Packet, Weather & Season File Folders, and Weather Mega Pack. Some of the sorting pages are similar to the ones in my Sorting File Folders 1 and Sorting File Folders 2 packets. Instead of putting them into folders I just made them in page form! Happy velcroing 🙂


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  1. Would you be willing to make a packet on TPT just for these activities?

    I would LOVE to buy it!

  2. I would love to buy this entire book for my 3 year old. I love it.

  3. Hello,

    Technical question here. I downloaded these on my Mac, but had to forward to a PC to color print from my school’s printer. When it printed the formatting was off and the visuals were cut off. Any advice?

  4. I would make sure the Page Setup is adjusted to fit to the Page (100% or less) and then save to the computer and print from the saves file instead of from the downloads file!


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