Fall Fun

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Fall Fun

Once Halloween hits time flies. It’s end of first quarter, parent teacher conferences are squeezed in, and IEP season creeps up. It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day and feel like you are drowning. The students feel it too. We keep fall hands-on activities going right up until Thanksgiving break. Here are some of our favorites that are easy to incorporate into your every day learning.

Fall Read Alouds

Fall is the perfect time for read alouds! Students are settling into routines, and are able to hold attention to task for longer than when they started school. Try pairing your read aloud with Core Language Boards or AACs like Touch Chat (this ipad with Touch Chat shows Word Power 60). Pick a word or two to practice and have student read along with you!

Fall Sensory Bin

We try to bring the outdoors inside with our sensory bin choices. Here, I grabbed some silk leaves from Dollar Tree and some foam pumpkins, too. I added them to the sensory bin along with tissue paper squares that were already cut from a project in red, yellow, and orange. The combination makes for the perfect fall bin!

Fall Art Projects

Hands-on activities include art projects! My students love to paint. Watercolor painting is quick and easy to set up (and the clean up is a breeze). We love to paint simple clip art objects from fall like turkeys and apples. We also took the time to make playdoh turkeys! We smashed a ball of playdoh, added googly eyes and feathers. We cut a pipe cleaner and bent it for a beak! 

Easy Art

Speaking of easy art projects, my class adores Easy Art by Teaching Special Thinkers. These easy to do projects are fun, colorful and include step-by-step visual directions. I always give a choice of art projects for my students to make and I love to see how unique they all turn out to be! All of these are from the Fall Set and are linked here. Bonus? They come with a writing activity that’s already adapted for writers and non-writers.

Fall Friendship Feast

A friendship feast is a great way to practice table manners, yes and no questions, and sharing. Have each student bring a favorite snack, then share with classmates. Allow students to help host – let them set the table, lay out napkins and plates. Let them pass out their snack to their classmates, too.

Fall Adapted Books

Adapted books are great anytime, but I love to keep it fresh with adapted books that go with our theme. When Thanksgiving comes close, we break out the Thanksgiving Adapted Books from The Autism Helper. They are quick to make and last for years (this is my 8th year using this set!). Students love the bright colorful, photos and I love the they are practicing skills with embedded literacy. It’s a win-win!

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the season take away from the hands-on fun learning in your classroom! Make time for fun and enjoy teaching through the fall.


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