Executive Functions Masterclass and Toolkit

Let’s talk about The Autism Helper’s Executive Functions Masterclass and Toolkit!

As a special education teacher, I knew I needed to bring some Executive Function skill building into my classroom but I never knew how.  On top of that, collecting the resources I would need and training my paraprofessionals just seemed so daunting to me.  That is until The Autism Helper’s Executive Functions Masterclass and Toolkit came along.  This amazing course has taught me all I needed to know and given me the tools, strategies, and materials I need to begin comprehensively building my students’ Executive Functioning skills as soon as possible.

To add, this amazing course is opening up for enrollment again very soon and I want to make sure you do not miss this amazing opportunity to sign up!  Keep reading to find out more about The Executive Functions Masterclass.

Training Videos

This is a photo taken from the executive functions masterclass videos.

First, like any professional development, there is learning involved in the Executive Functions Masterclass.  However, this doesn’t feel like learning to me.  In total, there are six learning modules with over 35 video lessons in the masterclass.  The video lessons are engaging, short, and very easy to understand.  Additionally, the video lessons are available in video format, closed captioning video, audio only, and written transcripts.  The training videos also include 8 continuing education hours for teachers or 8 CEUs for BACB/ASHA.

What are the Six Different Modules? 

  • What are Executive Functions?

Module 1 teaches what Executive Functions are, how they develop, and the critical role they play in all of our lives.

  • Identifying Executive Functions Challenges

Learn how to identify executive function struggles in your learners by utilizing a range of informal assessments in module 2.

  • The Goals

Module 3 teaches how to develop a multi-tiered plan to develop Executive Functions in a proactive and effective way.


  • Implementation

Module 4 dives into big picture strategies for strengthening Executive Functions.

  • Strategies by Skill

Break down strategies and best practices by each Executive Functioning skill in module 5.

  • Data and Staff Training

In module 6, learn how to take ongoing data and train your team to implement strategies effectively.



Next, the Executive Functions Masterclass includes ready to use templates, handouts, and behavior tools with each module.  Not only am I learning about Executive Functions and how to implement them in my classroom, I am also given so many tools to implement them effectively and seamlessly.  Amazing!

This is a photo of some of the visuals from the executive functions masterclass.

Additionally, there are over 100 downloadable tools and templates that are included in the masterclass.  The Executive Functions Masterclass includes all of the resources needed to identify and create a plan for skill building.  The masterclass resources include informal assessments, observation guides, task analysis templates, data sheets, staff training handouts, and rubrics. The Masterclass also includes student tools like visuals, social narratives, worksheets, mini schedules, and more!

Student Workbooks

This is a photo of three worksheets from the Executive Functions Masterclass student workbooks. Each page is the same function but differentiated into three levels.

Included with The Executive Functions Masterclass are these amazing student workbooks in three differentiated levels!  These workbooks include comprehensive work pages that allow my students to practice the newly learned Executive Functions skills.


On top of everything else that is included, the Executive Functions Masterclass includes free access to The Autism Helper private community where I am able to share my progress with others, collaborate with my peers and The Autism Helper team, and participate in live Q & A sessions directly with Sasha.  The community has been such a great perk throughout taking this course!

The Toolkit

Finally, available for a separate price, the toolkit was designed to go along perfectly with the Executive Function Masterclass. The huge collection of resources includes general tools that will work across all of the executive function skill areas, as well as differentiated extension activities for specific executive function skill areas.  These tools cover several  skills level and provide a wide variety of options.  I am so happy I opted for the toolkit to go along with the masterclass because now I really have everything I need to teach and implement what I am learning!


The Executive Functions Masterclass will be open again for enrollment very soon!  Click here to join the waitlist so you don’t miss this amazing opportunity!  Let me know if you have any comments or questions and I will get back to you.  Thanks for reading!

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