Errorless Work Task Mega Pack

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Let’s talk about The Autism Helper’s Errorless Work Mega Pack!

It’s summer break for me and I am taking the summer off from my classroom.  I am a huge planner and am already thinking about the next school year.  To ease my anxiety, I’ve started prepping The Errorless Work Mega Pack to use next school year in my primary autism classroom.  I use so many errorless work tasks in my room daily, so I’m very excited to show you what is inside this fantastic classroom resource!

What is Errorless Learning?

This errorless task focuses on the color blue. It is a photo showing blue pictures that students put on a card.
This errorless task focuses on students putting fish into an ocean scene.
Errorless learning is a strategy used by many special educators in schools.  While doing an errorless task, students cannot make mistakes when doing a task – because the task does not allow them to. Errorless tasks are a great way to initiate and build independent work skills with students.  With fun and engaging errorless learning tasks, students are practicing executive function skills such as task initiation, sustained attention, time management, fine motor skills, and impulse control. Errorless tasks are a wonderful way to teach independent skills and I highly recommend them for any classroom. Once a student has grasped the new independent skill I am teaching, I fade the errorless tasks and begin to work on academic tasks.  

I use errorless learning tasks in many of my independent centers and was beyond excited to see this new Errorless Work Task Mega Pack.  These tasks are perfect for my independent task box center in my classroom.  You can read about my independent task box center in this blog post:  Michelle’s Classroom Tour: Task Box Center.

What is Inside?

This errorless task has students placing different colored donuts on a neutral card.
This errorless task has students putting a dog onto a dog house. There are eight dogs total.
This errorless task focuses on students placing two green colored items on to each card.
The Errorless Work Mega Pack comes with 23 amazing work tasks!  There is something to engage all of my students!  The pack includes:

  • Detailed (visual) instructions for set up
  • Visuals
  • Labels
  • Directions for use


Additionally, the pack covers subjects like:

  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Common vocabulary
  • Simple associations


Finally, the pack features fun themes like:

  • Space
  • Ocean
  • Ice Cream
  • Dogs

What I Use to Prep My Tasks

This is a photo of the materials I use to prep my errorless tasks. There are velcro dots, scissors, a laminator, and laminating sheets.
When prepping errorless tasks for my centers, I always use the following items:

The storage containers work amazing for my classroom but these work tasks can easily be prepped using zippered bags, file folders, or other baskets from a dollar store. With material options, the skill possibilities are endless! 

  • Pro tip:  When using different materials to prep and store these work tasks, students are able to practice essential life skills such as opening containers and bags! 

To see more of The Autism Helper’s Errorless Work Tasks, click here!

Do you have questions or comments about errorless learning?  Please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you!  Thanks for reading!


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