Enhancing Literacy Engagement!

As an Infants & Toddlers special educator, I am constantly trying to figure out new ways to increase toddler engagement during literacy!  Many of our families seek goals related to reading with their child because they not only understand the benefits of reading but also recognize its significance as a valuable shared experience.  Now, of course, expanding literacy engagement is not reserved solely for the toddler age! Below are just a few of my favorite literacy hacks!

Adding a Suction Popper!

I have been adding these suction poppers to my board books lately and they have added SO much engagement & interaction during story time.  At first, I am just happy if some of my little ones run by and glance over at a page for a few seconds! Adding these poppers not only catches their attention but gives some sensory input from the pull and push of the popper. You can also draw their attention by sticking the popper onto a specific picture and labeling it (& vice versa have the child pop it onto an object). For example, you could say, “I pop the dog! Can you pop the dog bone?”.  You could also add these onto and laminated adapted book as well to capture attention!

Puppets, Echo Microphones & Pop-Up Books!

Want to step it up another notch? Add in a fun puppet or echo microphone to encourage your student to stay longer during story time! It’s amazing when a puppet is “reading the story” or you’re saying, “Dog says WOOF WOOF” into the microphone. Before you know it, your student will want to have a turn! Another strategy I have been focusing on is using pop up books. They add actual movement and bring the story to life!  Here are some more fun interactive books to try during story time:

The Wide Mouthed Frog
Cook in a Book Series
There’s a Monster in Your Book series

Of course, I will forever love The Autism Helper’s Weekly Workbooks and themed adapted books! Here are some seasonal favorites for Spring!



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