This is one of my FAVORITE classroom activities. And I don’t mean that like when I say fluency or adapted books are my favorite (although they are my favorite too…) but this is really my favorite because of how much the kids just love the finished products. I actually had a parent of a former student send me a picture of my guy casually reading through his 8 YEAR OLD scrapbook like it was the Sunday paper in an easy boy recliner. I know. I obviously cried because that’s about the cutest thing ever. Some years, we worked on these scrapbooks throughout the year making a page at the end of each month. And then other years it was 3 days before the end of school and I am all scrambling to get it done. Either way – it’s worth it!


I made a set of visuals and visual directions to make this process easier. Use these visuals – Scrapbook Visual Craftivity – to guide your scrapbook creation. Have students cut out the images and graphics and arrange with photos on a piece of paper and glue. I like to laminate the whole thing when we are done (so they can hang on to it forever!). It’s such a great gift to send home at the end of the year!

Also, making a scrapbook is a great way to reflect on the previous months, encourage communication, advanced vocabulary, and practice social skills! Lots of IEP goals can be tied in to this activity!

Check out this resource for a step by step guide and all visuals/decor for an easy and FUN end of the year activity!

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