End of the Year Gifts & Parties

We love celebrating the end of the year! Everyone is in party mode anyways so may as well take full advantage and have some fun. I am big advocate of spoiling your students. Yes – I all about data and behavior plans but it feels so great to throw that all out the window a little bit and just have some fun!


I LOVE how this student gift turned out last year. I got a bunch of cheap water bottles from oriental trading, printed student names on clear labels, and added a Kool-Aide packet & label. Can we say pinterest dream right here? Not to toot my own horn… But I so rarely nail these things 🙂

We love working on photo projects at the end of the year! Whether it’s our scrapbooks (because we sometimes forget to keep it up throughout the months…) or just some fun photo collages – this is a great way to reflect on the great school year!

I am kind of succulent obsessed and these little guys are the perfect staff gifts! They are adorable, easy to take care of, and appropriate for any staff members 🙂


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