Emergency Homeschool Kit

8 Weeks of Curriculum, Schedules & Training
For Home Schooling During School Closings

In this special Homeschool Kit you will get tools you can use in your own home

These include:

  • Schedules & calendars to help organize your days and weeks
  • 8 weeks of “Print & Go” curriculum at a range of academic levels
  • A path & plan for how to use these materials and put them together
  • HUGE set of visuals including behavior visuals and social stores (hand washing, social distancing, school closures, coronavirus, etc.)
  • Training resources to make you a more confident instructor

Today I want to share my Emergency Homeschool Kit

I want you to be able to continue your child’s education even while the schools are not in session. These tools may help keep some consistency for your child, limit regression, and add in some much needed structure to your day. 

Most of these resources have taken many hours to create and are items I currently sell. However, I know the financially strain that this pandemic has placed on families everywhere. So instead of putting a price tag on this kit that may be “out of reach” given your current financial condition, I want you to pay whatever you feel you can contribute… whether it’s $0, $20, or anywhere in between.  We at The Autism Helper want this kit to be available to all household that will find it useful.

So just click the button below.  You’ll be taken to a page where you can “name your own price” – anywhere from $0 to $20.  That’s it.

Upon completing the checkout you will immediately be taken to a Thank You page that gives instructions for downloading the resources.