Election Unit

It’s that time of year – and I don’t mean Pumpkin Spice Latte time. Election season is upon us (if you never watch tv or go online you may have missed that….hehe). Yes, which ever candidate you are supporting the election is smacking you in the face everywhere you turn. That means it is part of your students’ world just as much as it present in yours. This is one of my favorite units to teach because it’s functional, current, and age appropriate for any older guys. And your principal will be immensely impressed when he walks in your students are just casually defining Republican Party or polling place. 🙂

This election unit needed a major updating. This was one of my very first TpT products and not only where the candidates obviously outdated but it needed an aesthetic makeover too! The unit is now newly beautified and up to date!

This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about the basics of the election! This functional social studies theme will help your students about current events in an adapted way. This unit can be differentiated for all types of learners!

This Unit is Jam-Packed!

This unit includes 2 adapted books, 2 games, loads of flashcards, and a ton of additional activities!


  1. How do I get this unit on election?


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