Election Time!

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I’ve got something hot off the presses! Okay, fine hot off the macbook – but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?! I finished my election unit and I’m super happy with how it turned out! My guys are winding down their Geography Unit  and we are ready to start a new monthly thematic unit for social studies. I am going to finish up geography over the next week or so and then work on the election unit until the actual election. I’m honestly not a super political person but I’m really excited about this unit because I think there will be tons of opportunities for extended learning activities, maybe some inclusion activities in the regular ed, and I’m hoping to work in some newspaper/magazine texts! Look at how grown up my kiddos are!

So within my election unit are a huge range of activities for a variety of learners. If your class is anything like mine, you have the high, the low, and everything in between. So I make sure to have activities to accommodate my whole classroom.

Here are our vocabulary words we will be focusing on:

An adapted book to work on vocabulary (learn more about adapted books in this post):

The adapted book is about the election process in general, not specific to this presidential election. I was bummed to realize that the election book I had made 4 years ago was specific to that election so I could not use it. Argh. So the book is general but then I made a 4 page ‘add-on’ or packet. I think I will add this to my book and take it out later or you just use it as supplement.

Then over of course tons of comprehension and matching worksheets 🙂

Two games are included in this packet: Election Bingo (with 2 levels of calling cards) and I have, Who has? (my kids and I’s favorite game lately!)

This whole packet is $5 on TpT. What are you all doing to work on the election over the next few week??
ps: Tomorrow I will be posting about how I organize and schedule my thematic social studies units in my class 🙂

View a product preview of this packet:


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