Easy Matching Workbooks In Action

Let’s Talk Easy Matching Workbooks.

If you made me pick my absolute favorite product from The Autism Helper, it would be the Easy Matching Workbooks. They are fast to prep, easy to implement, and can be used in a ton of different ways. They are perfect for the beginning learner and the student who is ‘learning to learn’ by working on errorless and matching tasks. Let me show you how I used them every day in my classroom.


Step 1 

To prep these books start off by printing and laminating each page. They well thought out with easy prep in mind. Each set comes with 5 workbooks, one for each day. To find out what Sasha uses to prep all of her materials, check out this blog post.

Step 2

Gather all of the pages together for one day (ie Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc) and place the cover page on top. Bind the pages together to form the book. I love a good coil binder! It’s an investment, but your books will stay together much longer!

Step 3

Lastly, cut and velcro the pieces for each day. The pieces are labeled so you know which pieces go with which book. I use coin velcro on all of my materials. If it’s too big, I cut it in half.

Perfect for Early and Beginning Learners

My favorite way to use these books is by working one on one with a student. This time is PRECIOUS and limited. I squeeze in all that I can in that tiny time. I look for materials that are engaging, fun, and pack with language and learning opportunities. These books are all of that and more. My students love them just as much as I do.

Below are three different videos of me working with three very different students. Even though the students abilities vary widely, the books are easily adaptable to each student. To do this, I adjust the focus to their individualized goals, be it academic or functional.

Pre-Academic Concepts

In this video, you’ll see me working one on one with a pre-verbal student. She’s working on color matching and she loves anything ocean and beach related, making these Easy Matching Workbook Summer Editions perfect for our one on one time. She has mastered put-in tasks and is working on sorting. Moving objects from one side of the page to the other for an errorless task is a perfect opportunity to build in color labeling and vocabulary. Our goal for this student is that she will be completing this book independently within a few weeks.

Fine Motor Skills

If you have a student who is working on grasping, pulling, and placing objects on a target, these books are a great choice! This is the perfect combination activity for fine motor and concepts!

Here, I have a beginning learner who is working on all of those skills. I’ll add in some academics by using language to label so he’s exposed to new vocabulary. We add in counting at the end to round out the activity, making use of every precious second together.

Academic Concepts

This beginning communicator is working on labeling colors, both receptively and expressively. She quickly works through sorting and then labels the colors of the items she sorted when prompted. You’ll see me prompt the colors using sign language towards the end.

If you are looking for activities that aren’t too difficult, for students who are working towards independent tasks, are engaging and is something that students love, Easy Matching Workbooks are it. Add the fact that it’s an easy prep and they will quickly become your favorite, too! You can find them all in our brand new Store!

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