Easter Ideas!

Of course there is an “Old Lady” book for the Easter season.  Last year I read “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick” by Lucille Colandro and paired it with a cute chick craft.  I decided to update the visual pictures to match the book along with the visual and written questions.  I’m trying to make the format the same for all “There Was an Old Lady….” Books.  If you are interested in the FREE updated book pictures, visual questions, and written questions please click the link: There Was an Old Lady – Chick Final

I like using these books in therapy to build up vocabulary and work on sequencing skills.

I always pair the book with a simple follow up craft related to the story.  For this book we made chicks which focused on following directions, requesting items, and learning basic concepts.

If you want more details about the book and chick craft click the link –Easter Book and Craft

Bunny Mix is one of my absolute favorites.  Sweet and Crunchy is a perfect combo!  Cooking is a fun way to work on following directions, sequencing, building up vocabulary, and turn taking with peers.  The recipe includes both a visual and written recipe depending on your student skill level.

After you finish making the Bunny Mix you can have your students complete either the visual or written questions related to the recipe.  You can also have your students work on sequencing skills by putting the first three ingredients in the Bunny Mix in the correct order.

Check out how we made this recipe last year – Bunny Mix!  I have some students who have already been asking if we can make it again this year!!!!

Bunny, Bunny What Do You See? targets both number concepts and spring animal vocabulary.  Each page has the student identify a different number of spring animals.

After we finished reading this book we made Easter Eggs out of shaving cream, glue, and food coloring.

For more information about the book and Easter Egg Craft click the link – Bunny, Bunny What Do You See?

If you are interested in the Bunny Mix or Bunny Book you can find them on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Here are the links:

Bunny Mix

Bunny, Bunny What Do You See?


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