Early Childhood Resources Round-Up

Through The Autism Helper’s social media accounts and our Membership, we have received a TON of messages asking for recommendations on early childhood resources. I’ve had this topic planned for awhile so, I was super excited to see that Gina’s post earlier this month was about early childhood too! Gina’s post is awesome- she explains and shows multiple ways to structure an early childhood classroom. If you missed her post (don’t!), check it out here! In this post, I’m giving a run-down of my favorite TAH early childhood resources. 

Color Resources

TAH has a ton of products that work on colors but these are my favorites!

  1.  Color File Folders:  File folders are one of my favorite activities for young learners. For the students, they are short, interactive, and age-appropriate. From an educator perspective, they are light-weight and portable (great for servicing multiple classrooms or while waiting for the bathroom, assembly, etc.), they are relatively quick to assemble, and easy to store. This particular set has 14 different folders targeting matching and sorting across two different levels of difficulty. If you want to read more about them, check out this blog post for a ton of pictures and tips. This product is available in printable PDF form and a digital version here!
  2. Color Adapted Books: TAH has two different sets of adapted books to teach colors. One set is called, “What Color is It?” and has three books related to food, animals, and school supplies. The second set is called, “Color Adapted Book Series” and also has three books featuring a variety of every-day items. In both sets, students practice matching items to colors and identifying the color of items in a predictable, interactive way.  There are separate blog posts about each if you want to read more:  What Color Series & Color Adapted Series.
  3. What’s Bugging You? Color Matching Adapted BookYoung learners seem to really enjoy every book in TAH’s What’s Bugging You? repertoire. This book targets color matching in a playful but predictable way.  Check out all of the books in PDF print and digital version here!
  4. Color and Shape Task Cards:  This is an awesome new product from another blogger SLP, Sarah.  These cards are great for individual and small group instruction with early learners. Students can point to the answer or mark their answer with a dry-erase marker (extra motivating for them!). While these are not as interactive as adapted books, I like to use task cards with young learners for short periods to set the expectation of completing an adult-selected academic activity.

Shape Resources

  1. Shape File Folders: I’ve already mentioned how great file folders are.  This set has 16 different folders targeting matching, sorting, counting, and patterns in 1-2 different levels.  If you want to read more about them and see additional pictures, here’s a great blog post to check out. You can find the PDF printable and digital versions here
  2. What’s Bugging You? Shape and Size:  This is another adapted book in TAH’s What’s Bugging You set.  This one challenges the student to identify a big or small bug and place it on an item of a specific shape (e.g. triangle/pizza).  This is tough but the students love all of the different pictures to talk about. 

Matching Resources

  1. Easy Weekly Matching Workbooks:  TAH has 8 different versions/themes of this super popular product and more to come!  One of these resources includes five separate adapted books (one for each day of the week).  These books target matching in a variety of ways including errorless matching. These are perfect for direct instruction, independent work, therapy sessions, or centers. The students love the play-like activities.  Check out the 8 printable PDF versions and 6 digital versions here
  2. Matching Task Cards: This big resource has 100 task cards across 10 different vocabulary themes. These are great for centers, independent work, and for those students who need direct instruction on matching. Students can point to the match, mark the match with a dry-erase marker, or clip a clothespin to it.  These are also great for modeling and labeling a huge variety of vocabulary. 
  3. Basic Tracing and Matching Books: This product has three separate workbooks targeting matching, tracing lines/shapes, and tracing upper case letters and numbers. Students love this one because they get to use dry-erase markers! You could also print extra pages as worksheets or practice for home. 

Vocabulary Fun

  1. Vehicle Adapted Book Series:  This is a set of 3 vehicle-themed books that target vocabulary, counting (1-10), and color matching. The students just love these!  Sarah Allen has done individual blog posts on all three books and (!) she included additional free vehicle-free downloads! Check all of them out here!
  2. Farmer Farmer Adapted Book Series: This set of 3 farm-themed books target sequencing, animal sounds, and animal vocabulary. I like pairing the sounds book with animal noise clips from the internet to have the student’s guess who they hear to do additional vocabulary practice. These books follow a predictable and interactive pattern making them perfect for young learners. 

I hope you’ve found this round-up to be useful and full of new activities to try. Drop a comment to let me know which ones you already love or what kinds of activities you’d like to see more of for our youngest learners! 

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