Early Childhood Classroom Furniture!

Raise your hand if the months of March through June crawled and July and August seemed to have flown by! I cannot believe it is almost back to school time.  As of now our district is beginning fully online and then assessing closer to September 28th with a possible hybrid model.  Regardless, I think as teachers we feel better with a plan and setting up classrooms is something I always looked forward to. Each year feels like a fresh start with clean materials and welcoming rooms.  I’ve made a roundup of my favorite classroom furniture must haves for an early childhood classroom.

Classroom Furniture

COVID or no COVID, these are my tried and true furniture must haves for my classrooms! Best of all, they can all be wiped down and easily cleaned! First up are wall dividers. I love these because they can be used for so many different purposes: sliding doors, center walls, sensory areas, and the list goes on! If you get several, you can clip them together and close off areas in just seconds.  You can find some here.  Next, are shelves with wheels that lock.  If you are not into the wall dividers, these shelves are amazing because they easily store center materials and can be turned facing outward when it’s time to use them and rotated back in when they are “closed”.  Young children’s receptive language skills are not yet fully developed so save yourself the energy of constantly saying no to toys when it’s not time.  Simply rotate them outward when it’s time to be used and say, “Blocks are open!”.  You can find these here.

Seating, Mats, and Cubbies!

I love flexible seating and these cube chairs are just the ticket with being super easy to clean and stack.  Depending on your class, you can even put their picture on the side so there is no battle about where to sit as you get up for movement activities.  You can even stack them in a square pattern and have kids use them as tiny tables or use them to space kids out.  Check them out here! 

Carpets on any day can be questionable in early childhood classrooms because let’s be honest, they’re super little kiddos…things get spilled, food gets mashed, and kids can get sick! I have always loved these foam mats from amazon.  They are inexpensive and can be easily taken in and out for cleaning or mopped on the spot.  The foam mats still create an inviting area while keeping the area sanitized.  

Cubbies are your friend when it comes to visually organizing personal belongings.  While you might have to space out children more this year, I would still put their picture in their cubby so there is no confusion as to where their things go.  Little ones also love seeing their picture around the classroom and this will teach them ownership and help keep everyone safe and organized.  You can find cubbies like the ones in my pictures here.  Check out my round up video of my favorite furniture pieces!

Whether you’re starting online or in person, I hope this list of cleanable furniture puts your mind a little bit more at ease.  Happy Classroom Building!


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