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… gets the goods? I was trying to think of something that rhymed with worm with no luck… I still have turkey coma brain.


So in my standard overly organized fashion – I just filled up my cart on Teachers Pay Teachers in preparation for Monday’s sale! A little early I know but Monday will be all busy back at work and I worry with all of these eager beaver shoppers TPT could be a little on the slow side on Monday (I’m inpatient!). So follow my lead – fill up your carts now!! I STOCKED UP! Winter is freaken long and I know I will need so great activities and units to bust out on in those dragging weeks of February and March.


I organized all of my products for your easy viewing pleasure in a pinterest board:

and I updated all of my video product previews (so you will know exactly what you are buying!) and threw those in a pinterest board too:
Happy Shopping 🙂
PS: Did you know you can earn TPT credit by giving feedback?? Go give some feedback to the goodies you have bought in the past and you will earn some points to use at the Cyber Monday sale! Can you say freebies?


  1. Hi Sasha….I think I have purchased almost all of your products and absolutely love them! Thanks for sharing everything. I was wondering if you have any favorite teachers on TPT? I teach 3rd-5th grade life skills and am looking for more units…especially for reading. I like to have a theme for the month and incorporate books, crafts, academics, etc. I have my students for three years so I feel like I am always looking for new ideas because I hate repeating something they have done the previous year. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much for all purchases and sweet words. Jenna Rayburn has some great seasonal units that are worth checking out!


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