E-Learning Live Sessions with Early Childhood

While E-learning may be pushing you to learn things you have always been curious about, it can be so tough!  Your sessions may feel chaotic at times and unstructured…but we are also experiencing a pandemic, so everyone deserves some grace!  I am trying to look at it as an opportunity to help coach families at home and see what they truly need right now.  Empowering parents with at home strategies and learning opportunities is incredible!  Many of you have asked for some e-learning live session ideas so here are a few ways to make it as engaging as possible.  Do not worry about trying new huge grand things, use those tried and true activities that were successful in the classroom.  Here are some top tips:

  1. When planning your sessions, it may be helpful to use a theme to guide your goals. In this example I am using a farm theme to practice core words, expressive vocabulary, and wh-questions. Use things that interest the child and are available in the home.
  2. Prepare the parent ahead of time as much as possible. The parent is acting as a facilitator. Having the materials as best prepared as possible will empower everyone and reduce distractions and behaviors. If you know you’re working with farm animals let the parent know ahead of time so they can gather the animals, play doh, and some reinforcers! 
  3. Use a schedule and keep it rolling! In school, my circle time and work with teacher had several components.  We may not have gotten to everything, but I had a few options in case the book wasn’t as engaging that day or they needed more movement. I love using adapted books and objects to target goals!

Adapted Book Lesson Example

There are so many amazing ways teachers and service providers have been using technology to engage students.  In this video example, I use a core language board that I took a picture of and air dropped to my computer.  I love using adapted books to target goals and combine them with objects to make it more engaging and student specific. 

Adapting Materials for E-Learning and Live Sessions

We cannot always get hard materials into our students’ hands during these times so adapting material for sessions is my new quest! Here are two videos using I Spy books during e-learning live or recorded sessions! 

Whether you have days that you feel on top of the world with this e-learning or you are just ready to be back, know that you are doing a fantastic job and that your kids are lucky to have a dedicated teacher like you!  You can find the links to the Adapted Farmer Book series here and the I Spy books here.  Happy Teaching!



  1. I like your videos, where did you get the pictures of the animals and how’d you get the template to create the adaptive book?

  2. Thank you

  3. Can you explain how you recorded yourself were also able to share/manipulate the file? Thanks!

  4. Hi Misty!

    I use my MacBook Pro and downloaded the free application “Screencast-o-matic”. It’s so easy to use and allows you to save a video on your computer or upload directly to YouTube. From there I would download the saved file to a powerpoint that I posted daily for my students at the time. Our district used Schoology as the chosen learning management system however, I have seen others use Google Classrooms, Seesaws etc. You can choose to record your screen only, your screen and you, or just yourself. Basically anything you can upload a video to, you can use this free app! Hope that helps and thanks for reading!


  5. Hello,

    None of the videos are playing. Each video says “an error has occurred.” I’d love to watch theme if they could be reposted.



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