Double-Sided Visual Schedule

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Schedules sometimes need some tweaks and accommodations. The typical visual schedule doesn’t work for every learner. You need to really analyze each of your students’ schedules to ensure that the schedule is functional and effective. With one student, data had shown us that the student after a long period of time still relied on adult prompting and the schedule didn’t seem to be effective at all. We spent some time considering aspects of the schedule that may have been challenging for the student.

A few accommodations we added:

  • less picture options – the student completes several binders throughout the day and each had a different picture icon; we put all of the binder at the same station to eliminate the variety of picture icons
  • double sided wall schedule – we put the morning pictures on one side and the afternoon pictures on the other side so the student had less pictures to attend to at a time; we laminated file folders and cut a long strip to put the pictures on

Morning Side:

The Autism Helper

Afternoon side:

The Autism Helper

The schedule hangs on the wall by the student’s desk and can be easily flipped over after lunch and velcroed to reveal the other side.

The Autism Helper


Sometimes – it’s all about the quick and simple fix! This student is doing SO well with his new schedule! Grab these Color Coded Schedule Visuals Here!


  1. Does that say “finished” on the bottom? I have been struggling to find a good way to do my visual schedules. Maybe have the morning side ready to go, the afternoon side on the other side, and all the icons go in the finished slot to decrease clutter?

  2. Yep – there is a finished pocket on the bottom. At the end of the day the para sets up both sides and since this is double sided – the student will only see one said at a time. After each activity, pictures go in the finished pocket 🙂


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