DIY Dice

I have been obsessed with dice worksheets this year. Once I taught some of my bundles of joy how to roll dice – which I’m not going to lie was a painful process that involved a lot of prying chubby fingers off of that small square cube – I realized all the potential the dice had to offer. And once my students learn the process of these activities – we could use it for all types of skills! We  use dice for number identification, counting, following directions, colors, shapes, and letters. The only trick was creating dice for all of those activities. All you need are some building blocks and a sharpie!


I made a few sets of alphabet dice. To keep things organized – I put the first 6 letters on one color, the next 6 letters on the next color, and so on. That way to get a complete alphabet – I just grab one of each color!


I just use some regular wooden block like this:



Here are some fun tasks we do with dice:




Or we use some TpT freebie for letter recognition:


Always fun and so many ways to adapt this activity!



  1. All I have to say is I never thought it would be so hard to teach rolling dice! Do you have any tricks on getting your kids to learn how to do that?

  2. It’s super frustrating to teach. I usually start with hand over hand fade physical prompts.


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