Digital Resources for the Virtual or In-Person Classroom

The 2020-2021 school year is the year of digital resources. If your school is in virtual instruction right now, obviously you need digital materials. But if you are in in-person instruction, you need digital resources too. Take advantage of this time that you are physically with your students to teach them how to use digital resources. That was a huge part of the reason why the spring was so hard – we didn’t get a chance to prep our students. If you are in a full in-person or hybrid model right now, lean on digital resources and teach your students how to use them as independently as possible. If another closing happens (my daughter’s school already went from in-person to virtual), your students will be ready. Also digital resources lend itself to a social distant classroom and are easier to sanitize than laminated goods! Let me share a round-up of some of my favorite new digital resources:

Digital TAH Curriculum

The Autism Helper Curriculum is now digital for Google Classroom using TpT’s digital tool. You can assign pages, check work, and collect data. Students can trace, match, and type into text boxes to give their answer. If you are in a hybrid model, this is a great option for keeping things consistent!

Virtual Daily Schedule Template

Routines and visuals are still so important during virtual instruction. This includes both a powerpoint and google slide template for a daily visual schedule. Use this to structure your virtual class meeting times. There are 6 preset activities: calendar/weather, social activity, video break, language arts, movement break, and math. Add your own links, slides, or written directions to each of the subjects. The schedule is visual and color coded. Activities will be crossed out as you progress through the session or day. Also included is a List of Suggested Activities within this resource.

Language & Social Skill Games for Video Calls

Teaching social skills can be especially tricky virtually. I put together five of my favorite games in this resource that work well for a virtual classroom. I love that these hit my two must-haves for the start of the year: ROUTINES and REINFORCEMENT. Play a different game each day of the week to keep a nice consistent routine plus they are fun and will give some embedded reinforcement.

Digital Easy Matching Weekly Workbooks – Halloween Edition.

Your favorite easy matching weekly workbooks are now DIGITAL. The other versions are in the works! These come with both Boom Card and Google slide versions. These are great for independent work, guided practice, or a group call. You can work on vocabulary, counting, colors, and more! I am so excited with how these turned out! 


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