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Hope you all had a pumpkin pie and sweatpants filled Thanksgiving. Although I am sure none of you are even slightly thinking about work today, oh wait? You are? Don’t feel bad – I am too. I am a woman obsessed! Don’t be mad. Well whether you are still in turkey coma or are book marking this page – check out all of these adorable holiday freebies I am using in my language arts groups for December. There are some winter themed resources mixed in there for the non-Christmas schools. Enjoy and happy left over day 🙂

For some reference – these are my leveled language arts plans. I see 3 groups of students. The low level group is made up of 4 students with the assistance of a dedicated aide. Two of these students are nonverbal and two have emerging verbal skills. Many have IEP goals such as color identification, number identification, counting, following directions, expressive/receptive, etc. The mid level group is 3 students at a guided reading level between B-E. The high level group is made up of 7 students at a guided reading level between J-N. These students in the high group are split into two groups based on level for focused guided reading groups on specific days. Check out curriculum maps here

High Level Group:


Mid Level Group:


Low Level Group:


December Bingo


dec bingo


Holiday Social Stories & Visual Questions 

holiday social story collage


Christmas Reading Centers and Literacy Gamessort collage

Winter Vocabulary Unit

The Autism Helper - Winter Vocabulary Unit


  1. Thanks so much for this. This is my second year and I’m still in day to day planning mode. Your curriculum maps and suggestions are really helpful for me in thinking about how to improve my classroom instruction.

  2. Your freebie posts are some of my favorites. Thank you for all of the resources!

  3. So happy this is helpful!

  4. Great to hear!

  5. I can’t thank you enough for sharing all your ideas! I have many different learners in my room and love how you organize your students and class.

  6. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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